Dinkee is an app for new parents, and carers of newborns.

It is a monitoring tool to help assess the feeding levels, nappy changes, sleep patterns and health and provides you a handy way to log all the information to help you feedback to the Child Healthcare, Midwife and Medical Professionals to assist you in assessing your baby’s development.

New profile screens enable tracking of Vaccinations, Allergies and Growth of your little one.

We make it easy-peasy…

With simple, quick access areas to help you quickly enter your baby’s data. A running log will show you current status for each specific period.

Feed Monitor

With settings for breast-feeding, bottle-feeding and solid-feeds, the app helps to track the
 amount and timing of your baby’s feeds throughout the day and then stores it in your
 personal record log for review.

Change Tracker

Quick access to adding a record each time you change your baby; showing type of
 nappy changed, which is stored by time into your personal record log.

Sleep Tracker

Handy timing function, which enables you to quickly start and stop the timer, which
 is all added by date and time to your personal record log.

4 optional sleepy sounds to help send your little one off to the land of nod.

Health Tracker

Record the medication you give to your child, their mood and temperature. This handy feature gives you a quick picture of any patterns emerging that could provide early indications of any issues.

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Quickly access your daily summary, and filter by Feeding, Changing, Sleeping and Health.